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Switzerland Wedding Photographer

My name is Mido. I’m based in Basel, CH and often travel as a destination wedding photographer all around Europe and beyond. My couples are crazy in love, stylish and creative types who like to do things their own way. Moreover they are people who value emotions, family, friends and all the people around them. And as majority of them, you will probably mention that you don’t like having your photos taken, that you are not photogenic, etc. I totally get it. I SAY THAT TO 🙂 It’s because we don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, and that’s normal.

Switzerland Wedding photographer

What can you excpect from me?

Along making the best wedding photos possible, my job is to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and natural. No akward posing, smiling at the camera etc. Many couples said to me: “You was “invisible” the majority of the time, but at the same time, you was ready to jump in when we neaded some assistance.” My approach is that the best images come from spontaneous and genuine moments. When you think that nobody is watching, that’s when the magic happens.

Am I the best wedding photographer in Switzerland for you?

I could write a long story about why I’m the best wedding photographer in Switzerland, or why my photos are actually different to other Swiss wedding photographers, etc. But, that would be certainly subjective. However, I can tell you this! I just want you to know you can count on me to bring all of my artistry, kindness, and dedication to capture timeless memories of your day.

In conclusion, one day, when only the memories are left, MY PHOTOS WILL MEAN THE WORLD TO YOU. I PROMISE.

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As a destination wedding photographer, I’ve experienced beautiful wedding destinations and venues, but also “real life” cozy and simple weddings. And I still approach every single one from scratch. It’s like a blank canvas for me, and I want to capture your story, just as it is. From big and little moments to those, in between, when you think that nobody else is watching…those that are genuine and worth remembering. I’m passionate about telling visual stories and I pour my heart into my work by capturing images that express not just the day itself but its mood, tone, vibrancy, and personality. Like the golden light entering your room where you will get ready, while the gentle breeze plays the morning symphony with the leaves

and the wedding dress is dancing like a ballerina on the window, delighted to be finally dressed on. When you see each other for the first time, to the loving glance, while the love of your life is finally saying the big words "Yes I do"
The moment when you look around at your wedding and spot a thousand different smiles and moments, you will never want them to go away.

And, at the end of the night, when the glasses are raised and the toasts are made, the cake is eaten and the most beautiful day fly away faster than you expected, you will have a peace of mind knowing that I captured a tangible memory to be cherished for the rest of your life.

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Award-winning destination wedding photographer based in Switzerland.
Avialable in Basel, Zurich, Luzerne, Bern, Lausanne, Geneva and beyond.

Benedetto Lee Awards

All LOVE STORIES deserve to be TOLD BEAUTIFULLY. To tell yours, I need to listen first.

Big or intimate wedding, elopement or engagement session, It all starts with getting to know the real you and your story. So don't be a stranger :) Tell me your story.

Btw. I am incredibly honored and grateful you are considering me to photograph your wedding day. It’s a big decision, and I want you to know you can count on me to bring all of my artistry, respect, and dedication.

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Clients Experiences and Testimonials
Wedding Photographer Croatia
Kat & Oli, Switzerland ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"He managed to capture all the special moments without interrupting and was professional at any time. The outcome of the pictures was just amazing. We would never have thought to get such nice photos! Big thank you for doing such a great job!"
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Clients Experiences and Testimonials
Destination wedding photographer based in Croatia
Violet & Ivan, Germany ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"He captured so many incredible moments that we could not have stop checking the photos for couple of weeks after we received them. He is very gifted and talented, and we truly recommend him to everyone out there."
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Clients Experiences and Testimonials
Wedding Photographer Croatia
Yvonne & Tilen, Hong Kong ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"Wow, The photos are so amazing. It's like an artistic and romantic inspirational movie. Thank you so much for the help and patience during the wedding day."
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