Should you hold or reschedule your wedding
date because of Coronavirus?

I know it’s a confusing time with this Corona thing. Whatever happens, this is going to affect us all somehow. Being in-between not knowing if you have to wait and hold, or reschedule your wedding date because of coronavirus, really sucks. We all share the same feelings currently and probably don’t have any idea what we’ll feel in an hour, tomorrow or next month.

The dilemma:
Wait and hold, or reschedule your wedding date?

It’s too soon to base your decisions on the current status. Especially if your wedding is in July or later. Whatever you’re thinking, waiting and holding your date for a little bit, or rescheduling your wedding, is definitely better than canceling. Deposits that you’ve paid towards wedding vendors can be moved throughout the year, but they probably can’t be returned if you cancel.
Since the effects of coronavirus are so unpredictable, the majority of vendors will probably be willing to help you to the best of their ability. I know I will, and the majority of my colleagues will. It’s all about trying to be really flexible, practical and work together to make sure our couples all have their amazing day even if it is at a later date.

Postponing your wedding is better than canceling coronavirusShould you wait and hold or reschedule your wedding date because of Coronavirus?

I asked Noemi Bellante, a Wedding Planner from Pescara (Italy), what are her suggestions because she is from the country that is most affected by this pandemic and definitely one of the most popular wedding destinations? This is what she said:

“Italy was the first European country most affected by the Coronavirus and in one month almost everything had to close. This situation discouraged many couples who were getting married. To my future brides and grooms who planned to get married in May or June, I suggested to postpone their wedding to September or directly to spring 2021. Those who are deciding these days could risk not find a free date in September. Many couples, in the last weeks, have already postponed their weddings to that month. Couples who planned the wedding in July or August should wait till May to make any decision to understand how the situation will evolve as here in Italy the infections are slowly starting to decrease thanks to the commitment of the whole country and we want to stay positive! Do not let your relationship goes in crisis due to Coronavirus… postpone and do not cancel: keep calm because there is a solution to everything and your vendors will guide you in the best way to make your wishes come true. To those who live in other countries and have perhaps planned their destination wedding in Italy, I want to give the same advice and recommend to stay at home as we are doing here: in this way, we will be safe and free to celebrate many dreams of love all together again!

I know it’s an emotional and hard thing to process.

You’ve spent so many hours planning, prepping and dreaming up this day which is now questionable. Hope and expectation have switched to all kinds of other emotions. These emotions are all valid and are a hard thing to process.
We are all in this together, and we’ll get through this together. This is going to end sooner or later!

Should you wait and hold, or reschedule your wedding date because of Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is not going to stop you from getting married!

Sure, the wedding may be at a different time or in a different location, size or scale. Maybe some elder relatives will witness your ceremony online. Maybe you will spend the day with only a handful of your nearest and dearest. Maybe you will elope and have a ceremony in some remote place with just two of you. There are plenty of solutions that can be equally magical. You will still make it happen! It just may not be exactly how you’ve planned it. In the end, you will get married, and it’s going to be perfect!

So, for now, #StayHome and #ThinkPositive! We’ll get through this together.

Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive outcomes.

If you need any help, guidance, or support in this pandemic period of Coronavirus don’t hesitate to contact me.
Mido – Benedetto Lee

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