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Hey there!

My name is Midhat, and in Italian it’s Benedetto, You can just call me Mido for short. I lived in Italy as a child and my Italian name which means “blessed” later became my business name because it defines how I feel about my family, my friends, and my photography.



I love meeting new people, and traveling to photograph distinctive weddings and unique cultures. I am fortunate to have an art and passion that helps me bring these things together.

“The 4 most important things are;

I am A loving Father, a devoted Husband,
a loyal Friend, and a dedicated Photographer”

Even if my brain is going million miles per hour, on the surface I stay calm and connected to the moment. I’ll be probably the most relaxed person on the wedding day… except when the party starts.

  • I was born In Sarajevo capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • I lived in Italy for few years and I’m currently located in Croatia.
  • I’m fluent in English and Italian and a little bit less in French and Spanish.
  • I’m learning German but at the moment I sound like a small boat engine running out of gas.
  • I studied at the Music Academy. I play piano, drums, and marimba.
  • I love good food, espresso coffee, sun and the sea.
  • I love winter and snow too, but only in the Alps or next to the fireplace.

Most of all I love to meet new people, new cultures and just adore a good story, person, place or thing with a little bit of character, charm, and quirkiness.

My wife says I’m adventurous, perfectionistic, very patient, childish sometimes, and a little bit crazy.

“She is my love, my support, my everything.
She is always with me when I need her the most”.


My older daughter thinks I’m funny.
She says I should go to the audition of X-factor.

“She’s my pride and my real first love”


Our younger daughter lives in the world of fairy tales.
She is the princess and daddy is the King.

“She melts my heart every single time”


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Real moments and real stories strung together
as creative photo poems.
My style 


Well, it’s hard to define it.
I’m a former Graphic designer, a fan of great movies, and a ready to go anywhere traveler. These experiences have probably the biggest influences on my work.
I approach every wedding individually, taking inspiration from every little thing that defines the story and makes the moments.
I seek to create unique poems with each of my photographs in way that speaks volumes about anticipation, love, joy, and the sacred bond of marriage.

Bucket list 


To be honest, my inner desire is to capture a wedding story in every country on the Planet Earth (Mars and Moon would be great too) but I would really love to photograph weddings in:
Italy, France, Morocco, India, Turkey, Lebanon, Kenya, Cuba, China, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland.


However, wherever you are getting married,  the most important thing for me is capturing your story.
Let’s connect.

Destination wedding photographer / Croatia, Europe, Worldwide