Wedding in Tunisia – Maria & Naceur

33 Aesthetically Pleasing Wedding Photos That Will Satisfy All Perfectionists Benedetto Lee

Wedding photographer Tunisia

Day 1

When Maria contacted me to be her wedding photographer in Tunisia, I knew it would be a totally different experience.
I still smell the fragrance of Jasmin flowers, the flavor of the Hookah (shisha), the heat in the hammam the friendliness, and laughter of people.  Every time I think about my experience, I want to come back right away.
During the plane flight, one guy told me that he returns to Tunisia every summer because there is some special charm.
Now I understand why.

I could talk all day about my experiences but let’s go back to this Tunisian wedding story.
Tunisian weddings are no simple feast. Usually, it is a seven days event — that will showcase the wealth, charm, and beauty of the bride and groom.  The bride wears a traditional dress and has henna painted on her hands and feet. Henna is used to demonstrate femininity and distinguish the female hands from those of men. As for the groom, his pinky finger is painted with henna. Above all, wedding celebrations are an opportunity for large families to gather, to share joy and happiness. I found new friends and I felt like a part of a family rather than a guest and their Tunisian wedding photographer.

 This is just a small part of the story from so many wonderful moments and photos of this wedding in Tunisia.


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Next morning

The Wedding day

33 Aesthetically Pleasing Wedding Photos That Will Satisfy All Perfectionists Benedetto Lee

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Benedetto Lee – Tunisia wedding photographer

When I started my photography business my goal was to travel around the world and tell wedding stories with my camera as a destination wedding photographer. Luckily that became my reality and having the chance to come back as a Tunisia wedding photographer makes me excited every time. If you are planning your wedding in Tunisia, whether it was in Siena, Pienza, San Gimignano, Grosetto, or a wedding in Florence I’m happy to photograph your casual, rustic, cozy or luxury wedding anywhere in the area.

So if you like my work and need a wedding photographer I’m excited to hear your wedding plans.

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Wedding locations in Tunisia: Mahdia, Bou Merdes, Sidi Bou Said
Venue: El Mouradi hotel, Private property
Reception: Neptune restaurant
Wedding dress: Bety
Wedding shoes: Shuz