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Slavica&Josip Croatia 2018


No, not just a Photographer, but an Artist! We’re still struggling to believe we stumbled upon such an amazing professional nearby.
Benedetto Lee, we can’t thank you enough for wonderfully capturing some of the most precious moments of our lives. We’ve experienced that whole day again.

Silvia&Antonio Croatia 2018


She:   OMG, I’m speechless. This is wonderful!!!
Him: Holy shit! This is soo brutal! I didn’t expected them to be such good!
When we are going back for a photoshoot 🙂

Biljana&Ive Croatia 2017


Thank you so much for your hard work and engagement… The photos accurately reflect the day and every look at them brings us back in the moment. We could not want anything more than this!

Marija&Naceur Tunisia 2017


I knew your work from before and I knew this will be a great opportunity for amazing pictures. And guess what IT WAS.
We enjoyed every moment spent together. Everything was done professional and relaxed. Even my husband wanted more in the end. We recommend you from the bottom of our heart because we have a great time with you and amazing photos afterward.

Karlo&Dina Croatia 2017


Perfect photos! Great and interesting personality! Big talent!
We had an amazing time together and we would certainly recommend him to everyone!

Maja&Ozren Croatia 2017


Ozren: The photographs are of a world format. Imaginative, creative and with a well-defined art note. The emotional beauty of the moment and the reactions of people get a special impression in the photos and each of them can tell a romantic and inspirational story. The sense of detail gives them an extra artistic dimension. In addition, Midhat is a very relaxed and interesting person who, with love and professional fervor, performs his job, which ultimately is visible in beautiful photo memories. A warm and sincere recommendation to anyone who wants a memory of their wedding day perpetuated on Midhat’s photographs.


Maja: I am very pleased with the choice of you as our photographer and all the final photos. They are all special. They have a soul with precious and emotionally colored details, very artistic, romantic, like an inspirational film. If you want something special, captured in a special way, from different perspectives, captured emotions of the couple and the guests then Benedetto Lee is the real photographer for you.

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