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Hello My name is Midhat, but you can just call me Mido for short.

I believe in friendship, love and being honest with each other. I approach every single couple as unique experience and story to photograph.

If you are planning your wedding and searching for a Dubrovnik wedding photographer feel free to


Dubrovnik known as Croatia’s most popular destination hides many romantic places. Its history and architecture will leave you breathless. If you are looking for a true historical feeling of the Mediterranean, then Dubrovnik is the place for your wedding reception!

Down below you can have a look at my work and services, and the list of my favorite Dubrovnik venues & Vendors.


What to expect from your wedding photographer in Dubrovnik

I’m passionate about capturing love, happiness, and fabulous special moments that make the wedding day. From big and little moments, to those in between that are genuine and worth remembering.

I will capture your wedding just as it is and stay "invisible" the majority of the time. Not too close, but at the same time, not too far away just in case you need some assistance.

I believe in friendship, love, and being honest with each other. Most importantly, I will be like a close friend with the camera so you and all your guests can feel at ease during your special day.

The best images come from spontaneous and honest moments. Moreover, that's when the magic happens and how I capture emotions and unique wedding stories.



Wheather it’s a wedding, engagement or photo session, my goal is to capture a piece of your story and your personality in the most genuine and honest way possible.

I’m passionate about capturing love, happiness, and fabulous unique moments. Especially those in-between, those that are genuine and worth remembering.

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Planning your Dubrovnik wedding?

Weddings need to be fun. The more fun you have on your wedding day, the better your photos will be. Get a good photographer and a great planner. Put in the work leading up to the day, and when it’s showtime leave everything at the door and have the best day of your life.

I collected my favorite wedding venues and wedding ceremony places in Dubrovnik, wedding planners, florists, Bands and/or DJ's and everything you'll need while planning your wedding in Dubrovnik.

Best wedding venues in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik wedding planners

Wedding bands and DJ in Dubrovnik

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How much does a wedding photographer in Dubrovnik cost?

Big wedding, small wedding or elopement, coverage, add ons, etc. The avarage prices of a wedding photographer in Dubrovnik can vary from 1400€ to 3900€. For accurate pricing get in touch and let me know your plans and wishes and I will send you my wedding packages.

Let’s talk wedding photography, I’d love to connect.

All LOVE STORIES deserve to be TOLD BEAUTIFULLY. To tell yours, I need to listen first.

Big or intimate wedding, elopement or engagement session, It all starts with getting to know the real you and your story. So don't be a stranger :) Tell me your story.

Btw. I am incredibly honored and grateful you are considering me to photograph your wedding day. It’s a big decision, and I want you to know you can count on me to bring all of my artistry, respect, and dedication.

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