I start the day with coffee, and finish it by watching movies, documentaries or Chef's Table series on Netflix with a bar of chocolate (or two). I use every single opportunity to travel and meet new people and different cultures. I totally love summer, sun and sea. I love winter and snow too but only in the Alps or next to a fireplace.

I’m fluent in English and Italian. A little bit less fluent in French and Spanish. I’m currently stuck learning German (I sound like a small boat engine running out of gas).

I lived in Italy as a kid, and my italian name "Benedetto" which means blessed, later became one part of my brand name.

At that time, I loved Bruce Lee movies, and I had "Chinese" eyes so other kids used to call me Lee.

So, I'm not some kind of Italian Kung fu master. I'm more like a Kung fu panda who loves eating spaghetti, taking photos, meeting new people, and traveling to new adventures to photograph couples in love and their weddings

I'm living in Croatia with my beautiful wife and two daughters.



I got into wedding photography

totally by chance.

That changed

my life forever...

Beside the dream to make it in music industry, and after working in advertising agencies for big brands, who would guess I'll be flying around the world photographing weddings for all kinds of people...

I'm truly grateful for everything that has come my way and the best part is that I absolutely love what I do and none of it seems like just work to do.

My work was internationaly awarded and published BY industry leading magazines and blogs.

Benedetto Lee - Destination Wedding Photographer Croatia

Hello There!

The 4 most important things about me:

“She is my love, my support, my everything”

“She melts my heart every single time”