Benedetto Lee


If you already know me, than you know that I’m loyal to the people I love, and I love the most my wife and two daughters.
After being a father and husband I love to meet new people, to travel and weddings.
I was fortunate to often put all of this together.

I love to think I’m a perfectionist, but I can assure you that I am far from it. (at least i’m trying)
I was born In Sarajevo capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, lived in Italy and currently located in Croatia.
I speak English, Italian and a little bit of Spanish and French.
I play Piano, Drums and percussions, love good design, most genres of music and movies and just adore a good story and any person,
place or thing with a little character, old world charm and a bit of quirkines.

So now you know a little bit about me.
Let’s hear about you!

Contact Me

I was fortunate enough to travel as a destination wedding photographer, so for me no destination is far away.

This is my list of still unvisited DREAM WEDDING DESTINATIONS:

Iceland, Greece, Antarctica, Japan, India, Bali, Hawaii, Cuba, New Zealand, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, China, Turkey, Italy, USA…


If you are thinking inviting me to share your adventure, tell me your story, give me as much information as possible about your amazing day and I’ll get back to you right away (usually within 24 hours).